Balance Council
community engagement and player feedback
Community Management
Communication & Organization

For a period of time from 2020 until the end of 2021 we hosted weekly community meetings we called “balance councils”. In these meetings, we would invite several of our core players who had a demonstrated record of insightful feedback into a voice call, where we would discuss the current state of the game and any outstanding balance-related issues that needed to be sorted out.

Depending on workloads and individual stake in the week’s topics, different team-members, including myself, would handle organizing these meetings and coordinating discussion week-over-week. When hosting a balance council, a team member would be responsible for compiling a list of agenda items from player feedback and internal considerations, moderating player discussion of the topics, and eventually producing a list of action items detailing changes the team would aim to make over the following week.
Ultimately, as the game’s balance became more refined and other feedback channels became more robust, the need for balance councils declined. Eventually we retired the regular meetings altogether, opting for more focused feedback groups when appropriate. Still, the balance council was an integral part of RushRev’s early development, and helped us establish many core design principles that we could be confident would satisfy players.